Dear White Men, Stop Hating On White Women


Thought Catalog

At a coffee shop the other day I overheard a white guy say,“I HATE white women, this is why I only date Asians [women].”This isn’t the first time. I’ve heard this from a few of my past white guy friends, white family in-laws, and other random white men across various places in America.

I’m writing because I’ve had enough. Yes, this piece is a response to these specific types of men who hate white women. I’ve developed a theory to why they’ve said what they’ve said.

Let’s take this journey together and you can critique me along the way. After all, this theory is coming from a perspective of a male.

White Women

White women are now becoming the majority in the workforce, undergraduate universities, and graduate schools. Hanna Rosin has even reported that, in this post-industrial American society, increasing numbers of managers are now women too. And, one…

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To My White Readers (And Lurkers)


Perhaps it’s time that I write this short post, no?

You’re not fooling anyone by sporting the names:







And such.

You’re not fooling anyone by using Ebonic phrases you think black people use like:


Us blac folk



sho’ nuff

ko wut imma sayin’

And such.

You’re not fooling anyone by using the monikers:



Black Power

Fight the White Man

Whitey Must Die

Crackkkas Must Die

Nat Turner

Big Black Dick

And such.

In case you haven’t been reading my blog, which I know you have…after all, it’s your requirement to see what we’re doing, reading, saying, discussing, how we live, eat, sex, work, dance, play and function…I can “see” you. What does that mean? It means, in simple terms, the Creator has given me gifts that I never understood til adulthood. Those gifts have enabled me to pick up…

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Black Business Owners Beware


Growing up in NYC, I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of black owned businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. We were doing so well with our little shops, we even managed to somehow own thrift stores, beauty parlors and spice shops in the ultra racist area of Long Island’s south side and Staten Island. The overwhelming majority of black business owners in Brooklyn were islanders and Africans.

I watched, with bewilderment, as our shops, one by one, went belly up. Thriving clothing stores and Jamaican restaurants that sold every last bite of food just suddenly shut down. Rumours of Giuliani and his henchmen floated around but, of course, nothing was ever confirmed.

For all aspiring black business owners and those that already have physical businesses (shops), please watch this short clip and know that this could easily happen to you…especially if your company is doing well.

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Editorial: Juror B37, Holy Smokes


by Michael Tomasky

Did you see or hear that interview with her on CNN? Seems very clear that she makes no effort to be informed about the world at all, and that she carries around a set of racial assumptions, let us say, and is utterly and totally unconscious about them. She thinks Zimmerman’s–get this–“heart was in the right place.” She thinks this would have gone down the same way no matter what color anybody was. Including, as she put it, “Spanish.” Spanish?

What’s more incredible than her proud ignorance is that the prosecution didn’t strike her in the first place, as Dahlia Lithwick wrote in Slate. She kept bragging–bragging–that she doesn’t pay any attention to the world. That she worries about her life and that’s it. That she doesn’t trust the media, which no one does, but she doesn’t even read a thing, not one thing. That “you never…

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I’ve been trying to come up with a post regarding ObamaCare and what it means for us. Without getting too deep into the jargon, here’s the gist:

“Under Obamacare, businesses with over 50 workers that employ American citizens without offering them health insurance could be subject to fines of up to $3,000 per worker. But because newly legalized immigrants wouldn’t be eligible for subsidies on the Obamacare exchanges until after they become citizens – at least 13 years under the Senate bill – businesses could avoid such fines by hiring the new immigrants instead.”

Now…what does that mean in plain English?

1. It places a tariff, which is a white Word Salad Term meaning: Tax on imports/exports like tea, coffee, sugar, etc, on hiring Ameriklan citizens.

2. It benefits new immigrants that are ALLOWED and PERMITTED to come to this country for slave labour wages. Side note: Did you…

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Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power

Kushite Kingdom

Last Saturday I heard the news that MMA fighter Anderson Silva lost his title. He lost to some guy named Chris Weidman. I’m not very familiar with him but I’m sure he will be marketed as “the great White Hope”. Anyone that follows MMA fighting knows that Silva will go down as one of the greats. His record is (33-5,16-1). In my opinion he is the greatest UFC champion of all time(bar none). But that’s not enough for some guys.Many of the guys at my job were quite elated at his lost. They seem to take a lot of pride in his loss. I noticed that none of the guys were black by the way. As a matter of fact,they were all white or Mexican men. They were in the break room hooting and hollering about how great it was that Anderson had lost. Many of them said he was…

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Rachel Jeantel Speaks English Well to me…and she’s pretty too!

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

I’ve watched clips of Rachel Jeantel on the stand. If you’re unfamiliar with who Jeantel is, she is a key witness in the Trayvon Martin trial. She was the last one to speak to Martin before he was gunned down. There has been a lot of hostility toward this woman. She was referred to as “Precious,” by Frank Taafe, a supporter of George Zimmerman, on national news. She has been criticized by Black and white media and blogs as being “low-class, ignorant.” There was an article on one popular “Black women Empowerment,” blog that held her up as an example of everything that Black women should not be…”don’t be a Rachel Jeantel,” the article said.

After hearing all of this, I was expecting for her to be yelling, cursing, banging on tables and acting completely like a fool on the stand. However, when I watched the clips of her speaking, she…

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