African-Americans of Generation Y

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...


I have always wondered what, if anything, I have in common with the contemporaries of my generation. They say that every generation takes on a personality of its own and I wondered how true that might be.

After searching on the internet for information and characteristics about generation Y, my generation, I came to the conclusion that most of what I read was focused on White Americans of Generation Y. This is not to say that White Americans and Black Americans of generation Y don’t share things in common, we do, but I feel that in order to more accurately understand our place in society as a generation, we have to consider the African-American experience.

Be forewarned, that I am by no means a sociologist, I am simply stating what I’ve observed and what I have read.

General Facts About Generation Y: 

– Those Born Between 1980 and 1999…

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