Racist White Man Assaults & Demeans Black Women, While Other White Men Do Nothing

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

This past September an incident occurred in Louisiana where a white man attacked a group of Black women, unprovoked. He yelled racial slurs at them, spit on and slapped them while a group of white men stood by watching silently.

Check out the video for yourself:

Several things stood out here, the assault appeared to be unprovoked and the guy clearly became irate when he realized that Black woman was filming the incident, why? The reason is because this happens so often under the blanket that for her to uncover that by filming was an affront to him.

The next thing is the man was clearly a coward, actually in the video he said that “there wasn’t a man here who would do anything,” so that goes to show you that he picks on people who he perceives to be weaker than himself. I wonder if he would have gotten in a Black man’s…

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