Rachel Jeantel Speaks English Well to me…and she’s pretty too!

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

I’ve watched clips of Rachel Jeantel on the stand. If you’re unfamiliar with who Jeantel is, she is a key witness in the Trayvon Martin trial. She was the last one to speak to Martin before he was gunned down. There has been a lot of hostility toward this woman. She was referred to as “Precious,” by Frank Taafe, a supporter of George Zimmerman, on national news. She has been criticized by Black and white media and blogs as being “low-class, ignorant.” There was an article on one popular “Black women Empowerment,” blog that held her up as an example of everything that Black women should not be…”don’t be a Rachel Jeantel,” the article said.

After hearing all of this, I was expecting for her to be yelling, cursing, banging on tables and acting completely like a fool on the stand. However, when I watched the clips of her speaking, she…

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