Now What? The Aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial


Last night, my friend called me.

Between sniffing back tears and a mouthful of profanity, she ask me, “What do we do now?” Isn’t that the age-old question in the fight against white supremacy?

“Now what?”

Black family, you are not powerless despite what they want you to think! Your power lies within you. Your mind, your ability to think for yourself, reason and rationalize is your greatest weapon against this system. White supremacy WANTS you to take this fight to the streets so they can unleash bullet after bullet into your black bodies. They want you to become so enraged that your anger seeps into your bloodstream so they can feast on your melanin rich chakras.

Nothing is done by chance in a system dominated by white supremacy. This is yet another wake up call that we must unite NOW. Instead of screaming and yelling, which serves no purpose…

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Restore the Family Unit

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Racist White Man Assaults & Demeans Black Women, While Other White Men Do Nothing

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

This past September an incident occurred in Louisiana where a white man attacked a group of Black women, unprovoked. He yelled racial slurs at them, spit on and slapped them while a group of white men stood by watching silently.

Check out the video for yourself:

Several things stood out here, the assault appeared to be unprovoked and the guy clearly became irate when he realized that Black woman was filming the incident, why? The reason is because this happens so often under the blanket that for her to uncover that by filming was an affront to him.

The next thing is the man was clearly a coward, actually in the video he said that “there wasn’t a man here who would do anything,” so that goes to show you that he picks on people who he perceives to be weaker than himself. I wonder if he would have gotten in a Black man’s…

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African-Americans of Generation Y

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...


I have always wondered what, if anything, I have in common with the contemporaries of my generation. They say that every generation takes on a personality of its own and I wondered how true that might be.

After searching on the internet for information and characteristics about generation Y, my generation, I came to the conclusion that most of what I read was focused on White Americans of Generation Y. This is not to say that White Americans and Black Americans of generation Y don’t share things in common, we do, but I feel that in order to more accurately understand our place in society as a generation, we have to consider the African-American experience.

Be forewarned, that I am by no means a sociologist, I am simply stating what I’ve observed and what I have read.

General Facts About Generation Y: 

– Those Born Between 1980 and 1999…

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The Double Standard: Aggressive White Woman Privilege

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

It was after watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, Dance Moms that I realized that white women can get away with behavior that Black women cannot. If you aren’t familiar with the show Dance Moms it is basically about a group of mothers (all white, with the exception of one) who travel with their young daughters around the country to compete in Dance Competitions. Although the dancing is beautiful, the show is more focused on the mothers, who live vicariously through their daughters, and the unconventional and brash dance instructor.

Some of the mothers are more competitive about dancing than their daughters are..and pretty much in every episode, the mothers will fight with other mothers over things such as dance solos, costumes, featured roles in dances etc. It is not unusual for the mothers to act aggressively toward each other. Usually, the mothers will just curse at…

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Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

I’ll get straight to the point, I have seen many Hebrews pushing some outrageous, outlandish off the cuff and damn right dangerous doctrines. Here are some simple signs look out for and to know when you are being hoodwinked/taken for a ride:

1. The point is not gotten to immediately.

2. You are given a completely different interpretation on scriptures where the clear understanding is straight, without question and is obvious.

3. You are taken to scriptures that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

4. The explanations concerning the topic are excessively long and drawn out.

5. You feel that your intelligence is being insulted or/and that you are being requested to put down your own reasoning and thinking faculties in place of the other party’s.

6. You are given the impression that what has been explained to you is the only correct interpretation and that…

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Black parents who read my blog: Please stop giving your children vaccinations. They are toxins.

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